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Cape Smokey in Autumn

We would like to hear from you. Tell us what training workshops would you be most interested in attending?

A priority of the CBITTN is to build a robust research agenda focused on generating sound, relevant, and useful data that is specific to the Cape Breton Island tourism sector. To that end, the CBITTN needs your input!  

How can we help you? First, if there is data or resources that would help you make business decisions for  your operation that you do not currently have, please contact Darren Downing ( to discuss possible ways we can assist in finding, gathering, or organizing the data.

How can you help us? Secondly, the reliability of data collected from surveys and interviews is determined by the size and quality of the pool of participants. We are actively looking to engage tourism operators, managers, employees, former employees, and tourists on Cape Breton Island to participate in data gathering. If you can assist with contacting individuals from any of these groups, either through your networks, newsletters, or personal connections, please contact the CBITTN Research Lead, Darren Downing (, or the Industry Liaison, Mary Theresa (, so we can discuss building a high quality pool of research participants.

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