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Skills development is a process that enables individuals to gain access to agility, knowledge and capacity, professional ethos and good working attitude by training, establishing skill standards, and other related pursuits. 

Skills development is important because it can contribute to organizational transformation and economic growth by enhancing the individual’s employability and labor productivity and helping communities and regions to become more motivated and equipped to succeed in competitive circumstances. 

The Tourism Industry on Cape Breton Island is experiencing a significant challenge related to their labour force. Two problems have arisen; availability and skillset. As part of the CBITTN’s response to this, a wide variety of skills-development courses are being developed and will be made available to industry operators, employees, and volunteers within the industry’s many sectors. These courses can be delivered in community and/or virtually.  

The current catalogue of skills development courses available from CBITTN include:


Cape Breton Island has the fastest growing tourism sector in Atlantic Canada, with no shortage of human and natural assets, coupled with breath-taking scenery to enjoy. Operators and volunteers hold tremendous opportunity to provide our island's visitors with a memorable experience.


Becoming a Cape Breton Island Tourism Ambassador requires unique knowledge and a keen skill set. Core Values and Key Points will support the ability to provide guests with an experience of a lifetime, ensuring they depart happy, longing to return once again. This skills development course facilitates the acquisition of competencies necessary to accomplish this success.


Specifically designed for Tourism Operators who have an interest in improving their overall workforce, the Recruitment & Retention Strategies skills development program contains crucial information related to engaging, hiring and retaining employees. Strategies are shared that help businesses and organizations meet the challenge of recruitment head on, using knowledge and awareness as a springboard for successful recruitment.


This program will help your tourism operation foster the development of healthy relationships and therefore high employee morale within the work environment, leading you to achieve success in your operation.


The Professional Communications program is designed to provide business professionals with the tools that they need to communicate clearly and effectively, with the goal of increasing the value of the organization’s most prized asset – its employees. Key topics include verbal, non-verbal, and intercultural communication.

Explore the development, production and implementation of digital-marketing to help grow your tourism operation. Email marketing, web-based marketing, online advertising, websites, and social media will be discussed.


This skills development session is designed to address common marketing challenges. By turning those challenges into opportunities, you can digitally share the natural beauty of Cape Breton Island's unique and memorable experiences. 



Are you a Customer Service Superstar?

Customer satisfaction is key to business success. The right combination of attitude and skills can ensure guests have a memorable experience. This means positive referrals and return customers!  Customer Service SuperStars focus on fostering and delivering genuine quality service and exceeding expectations.

Build positive relationships with customers by sharpening your active listening and problem-solving skills.  Strengthen your performance and that of your team by learning communications tips and tools for high-pressure environments. Everyone can be a Cape Breton Island Customer Service Superstar.


You’ve just hired new employees, now what?

Onboarding programs are designed to welcome and give a strong start to your new team members. Share knowledge, develop skills and reinforce behaviors that will improve performance at your operation. Onboarding is a great way to build strong teams, achieve your business goals, engage and retain employees!

Becoming A Cape Breton Tourism Ambassador

Recruitment & Retention Strategies for Tourism Businesses

Customer Service Excellence

Digital Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

Onboarding for the Cape Breton Island Tourism Industry

Workplace Communications

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