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Fog in Clyburn Valley

Cruise Ship Passenger Survey

In 2022 the CBITTN undertook a pilot study to better understand the impact that labour shortages in the Cape Breton Tourism Industry have had on the experiences of cruise ship passengers visiting the island. This study functioned both as a way to gather data on the effects of labour shortages and as a dry run for our 2023 Cape Breton Island Visitor Survey. 

CBITTN Fall 2022 Research


The CBITTN Fall 2022 Research Report summarises some of the research and studies that were conducted during the first six months of the Tourism Training Network. The report contains summaries of the Cruise Ship Passenger Survey as well as insights gained from geolocation and segmentation tools subscribed to by Destination Cape Breton.

Automation for Hotels

and Tourism

Automation in the tourism industry has the potential to reduce labour costs and create a smoother guest experience. It is also a strategy that some operators are considering for dealing with labour shortages. During the summer of 2022, CBITTN conducted a brief survey of some of the tools and strategies for automating the tourism industry. This report discusses some of the more common automation techniques and assesses where they may prove most useful.  

BHTM Students Survey

The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Cape Breton University contains approximately 230 students, of which, approximately 95% are from outside of Canada. This is significant potential workforce population for the Cape Breton Tourism Industry. The purpose of this study was to identify the future working and living plans for these students and identify factors that would lead international BHTM students to choose to live and work in Cape Breton.



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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Initiatives Program.

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