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Cabot Trail

The Cape Breton Island Tourism Training Network will engage with the tourism sector on Cape Breton Island to identify and provide post-pandemic workforce solutions based in training and research customized to support for Cape Breton’s tourism industry. The tourism and hospitality sector on island and across the country has been hit particularly hard by the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, many workers have been displaced. The CBITTN will embrace this opportunity for learning and growth.

With the creation of skills development programming that meets the unique needs of industry operators, tourism businesses on island will gain the skill sets needed to stand stronger than ever, implementing lessons learned with a fresh, creative approach to business moving forward. Courses will be research-based, analysing labour market trends to inform the approach to training.

A key objective of the CBITTN training component will be to help employers and industry stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality sector to attract and retain skilled workers, build capacity through training and resources, become more competitive and remove barriers for groups that continue to be under-represented in the labour market.

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